Be your own Boss! is an extremely enhanced affiliate program made by Sideline247 team to help people start their own business with less effort and expense .



with less time, effort and expense 😄

DON'T WORRY, EVERYTHING IS READY  Your Own Business Services, Virtual Team Support, Business Materials and your Website like a Pro. Take a look of your business website which will be in your own name

Just purchase the package below and when we receive your proof of payment we will we set up your own website/ marketing materials within 2-3 working days. Then you can start your business. Just send to us your proof of payment here: 💬

How to Earn: up to 140 USD weekly / 600 USD monthly


Earn 10% from every successful service ordered by your Client.
   (i.e.  for 1 Logo, 100 USD,  10% = 10 USD)
   (i.e.  for 1 Pro Business Website, 400 USD,  10% = 40 USD)


Earn 25% from Home-Based Ready-made Website with Business

   (i.e. 40 USD, 25% = 10 USD) / per client

   (i.e. 2 client/ per day = 20 USD x 7 days/14 client = 140 USD)

   (i.e. 2 client/ per day = 20 USD x 30 days/60 client = 600 USD)

Market your own business online or offline by letting them know that you have your newly-owned business.

Post or share the banner/cover photo that we provide you, share it on social media like messenger or your business page, and to open groups or pages. There are thousands of pages of different industries. (Pages like home-based, real-estate, health products, trainers, starting online business owners, etc.)

You can also visit small businesses/shops around your area or places you visit outside your area. (i.e. dental clinics, private schools, eatery, salon, water stations, etc.) then offer them your business services by showing off your website. We will provide you a l
ist of 100 Prospective Yearly Clients.

Receiving your Client's Payment

After you purchase this home-based business, we will send you a client job order form and a personalized invoice template with your business bank account indicating that you will provide for your customers.

Receiving your Earnings/Profit

Well, you're the boss, for every job order you can either ask for the full payment or downpayment of each service to your client. But it is mandatory that you provide the downpayment to us every time you start a job request.
That is 50% of the total 90% of each services price indicated in your website.
Full payment is a must upon final file/services submission.


For other inquiry:



PROMO Business Package (USD 39.80)

HOME-BASED Digital Marketing Services 

Easy Home-based, Lifetime,
Worldwide Online or Offline,
Less Effort and Less Expense


Ready-made 30 Business Services:  (See it all here)
Business Website Design and Development
1 Business Logo (Text)
1 Business Coverphoto

2 Online Business Banners
Business Virtual Team Support

FREE Website Domain for 1 Year (

FREE Website Hosting for 1 Year with ads

FREE Virtual Team for your business services

FREE Invoice Form

FREE Job Request Form 

Your Business services will be: 


> Website Design and Development

> Poster/ Flyer/ Banner

> Invitation

> Logo and Brand Identity Pack  
> Business card, Letterhead, Business Kit
> Booth or Stall Design Sticker
> Product Label and Packaging

> PowerPoint

> Copy-writing

> Photo Manipulation

> Title/Logo Motion Graphic

> Informative Video (Tutorials)
> Business Video Ads/ School AVP / Organization AVP

> Services/Product Ads Video

> Video Editing

> Music/ Audio Editing
> Voice Over

> Business Jingle

> Corporate Theme Song Composition


> Manage It Service
> Network Setup
> Database Management
> Cloud Computing
> Software Support
> Data Storage
> VoIP Service
> Android App Development
> Python
> Data Science
> Cybersecurity
> Internet of Things (IoT)



Beyond inclusions additional charges will incur like renewal of domain/web publisher or new customization/ revisions.


Can you get rich from affiliate marketing?

As for your direct question, the answer is YES. The truth about if affiliate marketing can make you rich or if you can make money with affiliate marketing, the answer is YES, with affiliate programs you can make extra cash on the side and even a full-time income from home

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